Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brain Break Songs & Dance Cards with QR Codes for Individual or Whole Class Brain Breaks

50 Brain Breaks Song and Dance Cards with QR codes allow flexible use from individual to whole class. These link to the most popular Brain Break Dances/Songs on YouTube enabling a range of uses in the classroom: Individual Brain Break on an ipod touch (Scan QR Code and Dance); Small Group Brain Break around an ipad (Scan and Dance); Whole Class Brain Break on ActivBoard (Open PDF, click on the link and Dance). 

A Brain Break is a kinesthetic activity used to refocus students attention after a transition in class. They are fun, fast and need limited equipment. They are great ice-breakers and help build cooperation, creativity, hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills and motivation in the classroom. They are a handy classroom management tool , great on a rainy day, helpful for early finishers and importantly are a lot of fun!

Happy Dancing!
Sarah Anne