Friday, August 2, 2013

Narrative Writing Unit - Australian Curriculum and Common Core Aligned K - 2 Gradual Release of Responsibility Model

Narrative Creative Story Writing Unit of Work - Modeled, Shared and Independent writing structured around the fairy tale 'The Three Little Pigs'. 

The Gradual Release of Responsibility Model applied to the design and planning of unit

This unit includes teacher notes and is adaptable to a range of ability or outcomes being targeted in your classroom. 58 pages included.

Common Core and Australian Curriculum Aligned – I have included a range of printable worksheets to allow for adaptability to meet Kindergarten Common Core standards up to Third Grade Common Core Standards.

A4 Page Format Australian Curriculum Aligned Version - Included in Zip File.

Modeled and Shared Writing Focus (Pages 5-35)

1.Read Fairy tale: The Three Little Pigs (Abridged Version Included);
2.Re-read the story, focusing on text structure and story sequence;
3.Complete small group Story Sequencing activity;
4.Re-read the story (each lesson) focusing on a range of language features (adjectives, action verbs and nouns);
5.As a class discuss, and students complete:
6. Printable worksheet Adjectives exploring adjectives in story;
7. Printable worksheet Action Verbs exploring action verbs in story;
8. Printable worksheet Let’s Go on an noun hunt exploring nouns in story;
9. Discuss Main Character Profile poster of The Big Bad Wolf;
10.Students complete printable worksheet Main Character Profile of a Little Pig;
11. Discuss the setting of The Three Little Pigs poster;
12. Students complete printable worksheet of Story Setting of The Three Little Pigs.

Independent Writing Focus Pages 35-55

1.Connect knowledge gained from Modelled and Shared Story writing unit – Three Little Pigs;
2.Discuss Planning Phase of Narrative writing. Refer to General Planning Poster;
3.Complete Character Profile printable worksheet;
4.Complete Planning your Setting printable worksheet;
5.Complete Planning your Narrative printable worksheet;
6.Complete a draft narrative; and finally,
7.Publish your work using one of four layouts to suit ability levels.

Happy Writing!!