Friday, August 2, 2013

Australian Professional Standards for Teachers eportfolio template

Professional, portable, adaptable, simple and web friendly eportfolio to address your Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Just add your Illustration of Evidence

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Welcome all teachers from Australia.  This product is designed to help you tackle the new Australian Professional Teacher Standards (managed by AITSL)  This template will help you manage your
Illustration of Evidence! Perfect for 4th year Uni students to support your first job application.
This template is designed, created and formatted for an instantly professional eportfolio showcasing your Illustration of Evidence. Over 50 hyperlinked editable pages included.
Document Includes:
 Seven Professional Teacher Standards pages, each designed and created for easy viewing of your Illustration of Evidence (hyperlinks are already built into the document).
An individual page for each of the 37 Focus Areas.  The pages are designed, formatted and linked to provide you with the opportunity to simply cut-and-paste your Illustration of Evidence into the document. You also have the capacity to add additional comments to each focus area by adding your own text boxes.
Your end result will be a professional, portable, adaptable and web friendly eportfolio.
This document:
- belongs to you.  You own and have 100% control your eportfolio (unlike internet based sites);
- allows for the simple cut-and-paste of Illustration of Evidence (eg: teaching program in Word, pastes straight into this documents);
- will be easily accessible on your hard drive for quick and regular access, without having to rely on a fast internet connection;
- easy to create a backup (unlike internet based sites);
views easily on ipad;
- converts instantly into pdf using Powerpoint’s ‘save-as pdf’ option (with all hyperlinks still active);
- allows for embeded videos, audio and animation if desired;
emails with ease in pdf format;
- professional printing format (if printing is required)
- Is designed to allow constant editing as you move through the standards from Graduate to Lead Teacher.
Happy Teaching & Creating!

It also includes a guide to help you add your Illustration of Evidence.